The initial phase of a relationship is quite beautiful. The butterflies in your stomach before the first date to the surreal feeling when you walk down the aisle and say “I do”. However, a few years into your marriage, things change. The feeling of excitement on your anniversary seems to have disappeared and you often tend to forget these important dates. If your wife has been complaining about this for the longest time, this year, it’s time to shock her by changing your behaviour and planning a beautiful surprise for her on your anniversary.

Do Your Research

The first step to planning any surprise is to find out what the other person likes. There is no point putting in so much effort to plan a surprise if the other person does not enjoy it. Make sure, catch any hints that your wife may be dropping from time to time or even try asking her indirect questions which will give you the answers that you are looking for. Find out if she is free on that day by casually asking for her schedule that entire week. In addition, you must also try to find out if there is something specific that she does not like so that you may take great care to avoid incorporating that into your plans.

Start the Day with Surprises

On the eve of your anniversary you can start off by dropping hints for the events that await her the next day. You can make tiny notes with a hidden message that will lead her to the next clue that eventually leads to the big surprise. You can start off the morning by getting a bouquet of flowers delivered to her with a note following which a dress and jewellery can be arranged for the evening once she arrives home. These tiny gestures that lead to the main surprise can totally brighten up her day. However, you must remember that timing is crucial for any surprise that you plan. Therefore, you must ensure that all the deliveries are made on time and you must double check your reservations for the evening in order to avoid any unexpected cancellations that could ruin your special day.

Splurge A Little Extra!

Your marriage is a beautiful bond and the anniversary arrives only once a year to remind you of the day when you promised to spend your entire life with your partner. So why not spend a little extra to make this day special and give her memories that she will cherish for a lifetime? If your budget permits, you could always plan an anniversary getaway to her favourite destination. Or you could opt for a simpler option by contacting companies that offer boat hire for anniversaries where you can spend your day cruising around the ocean while enjoying a meal with the breeze accompanying you.

These tips will surely help you surprise your wife and sweep her off her feet on this important day of your lives. So, put in that extra effort and make a change this year to make her feel extra special on your anniversary.

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